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preamp schematicspreamp schematics
preamp schematicspreamp

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preamp preamp schematics

preamppreamppreamp schematicspreamp
some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm
25 percent

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Sinks, Toilets
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repla Bathroom Machineries is a One - Stop Source for All
of Your Vintage Plumbing, Lighting & Hardware Needs.
495 Main Street, Murphys, CA 95247

“Since 1976”

preamp schematicspreamppreamp schematics preamp schematics
preamp schematics

 Clawfoot Tubs & AccessoriesPedestal and Undermount Sinks
High Tank Toilets, Urinals, and Parts. Antique Plumbing & Lighting Fixtures
Bath Decor & Shower Accessories, Faucets and Fixtures of all varieties
Shower Rings, Rods, & AccessoriesHard to find Plumbing Parts.

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Click on photo for larger view

For March’s “Antique of the Month”, we have an incredibly rare find.  This is a Powdercoat refinished, turn of the 20th century, Oak rim Clawfoot bathtub that measures 77” (!) in overall length.  That’s right, 6 and 1/2 feet!  Overall width is 27 1/2”.  Interior dimensions are 71” by 21 3/4”, tub will accept regular clawfoot tub valves and drain assemblies.  Perfect if you are an NBA basketball player or just 7’ tall and looking for the ultimate bathtub.  The rest of us could swim laps.....  Ornate “dolphin” style feet come with, and they’ve been polished up to give them a nice accent, see picture below.  Truck freight only!
OT11020 Oak rim tub 5895.00reserve

OT11020 foot

preamp schematics

preamp schematicspreamp preamppreamp The Bathroom Machineries Difference:
We are perfectionists who strive to provide products that not only look beautiful, but function perfectly. We are not content to merely resell products made by others; many of our products are made or designed right in our own shops by people who know plumbing. Those items that we do resell are subject to additional quality inspections and often are remanufactured to meet our own stringent standards. “Good enough” isn’t a term you’ll ever hear us use!

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Our Staff; Left to right- Joy, John H., Kris, John V., Bonnie, Pat, Helmut, Rob, Evil Ray, Dennis, Kathy, Jim, Slightly less evil Ray, Tom, and Bob.  Click on the picture for some Staff biographies

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